3 May 2011

Watch The Twisted Dystopian Short SUBJECT 7

If your wanting to get a foot in the door of film making its now became traditional for wannabe filmmakers create a short film, it tests your wit to see if you've got the makings to be the next big thing or at least able to handle the pressure of a full feature. SUBJECT 6  director Seda took this root and below is the full short SUBJECT 7 which is a prequel to her debut movie.Subject 6 is a gritty dark sci-fi flick set in a world of experimentation a world a group of humans who find themselves part of think of Dark City crossed with Cube and Subject 7 the movie we have here is a spin off or prequel which leads up to the full feature.

The short comes courtesy of QuietEarth
I feel like the story is a parable for modern culture and how so much of the information that we are imparted with at a very young age is actually very biased, serving to create a false sense of understanding about the world around us. Our cultural obsession with “reality” TV fosters a desire to be the center of attention as if when nobody is watching our lives somehow have less meaning. We're born into our family’s ideologies and values, and then on a larger scale our state or our country's. We are formed by the ideas of others without ever really exploring other views and discovering their own beliefs. That's the metaphorical prison that the feature explores - the prison of a limited mind constraining an unlimited spirit.

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