10 July 2011

Teaser Trailer For Live Action Version of Manga WILD 7!

Its Always great to see the classics get adapted and Mikiya Mochizuki's 1969 Manga comic book WILD 7 is finally getting the big screen adaptation it deserves. Eiichiro Hasumi has the task of bringing the Police action story into the 21st century, A comic book thats up there with other great comics of its era Golgo 13, Voltes V, Speed Racer, Captain Harlock. Wild 7 tells the story of a group of secret racers all reformed criminals who enforce the law but not always following the letter of the law and for some reason these criminals they chase seem to be protected by the law so the police cant touch them.

Check out the teaser trailer below, it looks a little cheesy but overall fantastic fun movie with plenty of bike and gun action thrown in. The movie stars Eita, Kyoko Fukada and Kiichi Nakai with the movie been released by Warner Bros Japan early 2012.


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