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13 August 2010

Trailer For Movie Gegege no Nyobo

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source NipponCinema
Comicbook artists in the west in general may not have celebity status such as a movie star, a few are well known and may get close to celeb status with hollywood current liking to all things comicbook, But in Japan comicbook artist or Manga artists actually do have celeb status like many movie stars and below is a trailer of an expample of that status.
Gegege no Nyobo is an autobiographical look at Shigeru Mizuki the creator of 'Gegege no Nyobo' wife Nunoe. The movie is an adaptation of the television series of the same name which is running on japanese national television at this moment and the movie does also follow the years Mizuki toiled in becoming a famous artist and the hardship both had to go through as well.
Kankurô Kudô plays Shigeru and Nunoe is played by Kazue Fukiishi and fans of the artists work & tv series can catch this movie when it goes on national release in Japan on November 20th, trailer after break...

19 July 2010

Full Trailer 2nd Teaser for Naoto Kumazawa's "Kimi ni Todoke"

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source Nippon Cinema
A new full trailer and second teaser trailer have been released for Kimi ni Todoke. The movie is due for release in Japan on September 25th and is a live action version of the popular manga (turned anime) by Karuho Shiina.
The movie stars Mikako Tabe as high school student Sawako Kuronuma and she gets called Sadako after the character from the Ring movie simply due to her long dark hair an gloomy appearance. No one really talks to her until one day Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) one of the popular male classmates talks to her and things grow into a friendship leading into areas of life Swako would never think off...Romance.
This is a typical and very popluar romance genre within Japanese teens and you'll find hundreds of similar stories to this one but only the better ones become animes then features. Its a little like mill and boon for Japanese teen girls.

The trailers are after the break...