10 August 2013

Extortion Rears its Evil Claw In The Short for Larry Cohen's The Worst

 You wonder when you here in Dr.Pepper TV what's the worst that can happen?In the short film The Worst, it's leaving your bag and mobile on the metro train. Ryan (Britt Lower) was in a bewildered state when she reached her stopped without thinking  she got off but left her bag and mobile on the train. Whilst her night might be going downhill an off duty worker Nick (Dean Winters) maybe a shining night in armour and get Ryan's bag back but for a price...$200 (£175).

The Worst delivers a solid well balanced 15 minute film delivering a balanced genre film with drama, comedy even a little action. If you ever wondered what it's like when a person finds themselves at the lowest ever point, distressed,lost easily manipulated, The Worst delivers with precision.


Ryan had a bad night. Her phone is dead. And in a moment of indecision, she just left everything on the F train. Desperate, she turns to Nick, an off-duty MTA worker of suspect morals. The two strangers enter into a contentious deal to chase down the subway, before it vanishes with Ryan’s luggage and any chance of her getting home. What's the worst that can happen?


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