1 February 2015

Enjoy The Touching Short Film 'Enjoy Your Intermission' Drive-In Cinema Face Ultimatum

Here in UK Drive-In Cinemas (or Theatres in USA) are or where rare thanks to the weather mostly but in other countries like in USA they common in every state. In this fantastic short documentary film 'Enjoy Your Intermission' we see one New York state  Drive-In face the ultimatum change or close.

'Enjoy Your Intermission' tells the story of Longtime projectionist, Roger Babcock, who has been threading film through the Hi-Way Drive-in's projectors for more than 40 years. However, with Hollywood studios no longer offering film prints of their releases, Roger is faced with an ultimatum: upgrade all four of the Hi-Way's 35mm film projectors to expensive digital systems, or close the gates which have so warmly welcomed moviegoers since 1960... for good.

Adapt or close was the message that cinemas and projectionists worldwide including UK& Ireland had to face recently, go digital which is no problem when your a chain or a well backed cinema, however small independent or drive in its a different matter. For the likes of Roger and the Hi-way theatre it's a bold move to keep the legacy of 35mm alive one we support but a risky one. 'Enjoy Your Intermission' is a well executed film, very touching film, DCP may have it's benefits but cinephiles appreciate the artistry of projectionists and want some of the traditions of gong to the movies to survive.

source: Vimeo

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