1 February 2015

Henri, A Sci-fi Short Film Of Space Ship That Builds Itself A Robotic Body

For the past few years especially more recently film's fascination for 1970s and 1980s been based in the decade, music, homage of the decade. A Most Violent Year, Inherent Vice are both films running in  UK cinemas set in those Decades and today we get a look at a fantastic short film that pays homage to sci-fi films of the a mentioned decades.

Been a sci-fi fan during that time period was a wonderful experience with some iconic films (Star Wars) opened the eyes to cinephiles and HENRi delivers more nostalgia. Silent Running you can see truly inspires this 21 minute film even some 2001: Space Odyssey and Keir Dullea from 2001 provides voice talents. The concept/premise is nothing original  an A.I  aware spaceship floats through the darkness realms of space delivering it's usual daily tasks.Until one day the ship decides to build itself a robotic body, vulnerable, emotionally naive.

Superman's Margot Kidder does make an appearance in HENRi and this latest film is directed by Eli Sasich who created Atropa another great sci-fi short we posted here which itself an homage of 1970s sci-fi/horror. The design is sweet& sleek and the moral of the film is very relevant to recent Hollywood films like Ex_machina questioning ethical issues of been human.


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