27 August 2017

Watch The Stylishly Moody Trailer For Danish Sci-Fi Thriller QEDA

Speak to Trump he'll call it 'fake news' talk to someone from the other side of the political fence they will probably say Earth is on a path to an ecological disaster. Max Kestner's sci-fi thriller QEDA our little planet is already living that disaster and is heading to annihilation.

Those lovely folks at Screenanarchy have gotten their hands on the Danish movie trailer with English language subs. A movie that looks like will take a Looper style route as the world is in peril especially when there's no drinking water. It's time to time travel, watch the trailer...

In Qeda, 2095 the world is ravaged by ecological disasters.Fang Rung (Carsten Bjørnlund, ID: A) undergoes "molecular fission" process that will allow him to send his other half Gordon Thomas (Bjørnlund) back 2017. He must find scientist Mona Lindkvist (Sofia Helin, The Bridge and upcoming The Snowman) whose groundbreaking research was lost before the world could be saved. When Fang loses his contact with Gordon he is forced to travel back to 2017 and find his other half before the damage is irreversible.

This looks a bit of a mind bender that may puzzle a few but it has the old basic rules of time traveling, so meeting your younger self could damage not just you but the timeline you've just lived. As a sci-fi fan, those rules are created to be broken in the name of entertainment. You may have noticed part of the movie is in English and Set in London starring Game Of Thrones/The Hallow Star Joseph Mawle. Great chance this one will get some form of release (trailer is entitled 'UK Subs'), when and who we don't know at this stage. Cinematographer Rasmus Videbæk who worked on The Dark Tower worked on this one giving everything a dark, atmospheric feel.

Qeda will be released in Denmark 16th November.

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