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5 August 2012

The Octagon Blu-Ray Review

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Chuck Norris can do anything: he's been a Texas Ranger, a Delta Force Major, an Expendable, a New York Cop - but now it is time to see him as a ninja warrior in the remastered edition of 1980 martial arts thriller, The Octagon.

Norris plays Scott James (often pronounced so fast it sounds like Scotch Eggs), a man plagued by nightmares of a mysterious and intense combat training routine that he and his best friend received as youths. Scott is dragged back into this former life when a terrorist organisation (known as The Octagon) lead by deadly ninjas, starts making strikes towards him and those he cares for.

The Octagon is filled with kitsch appeal - for example, for the most part of the film we are given an insight into Scott James' thoughts, which consists of a whispering Chuck Norris voice-over, whilst the star stares intently on into the distance. This hilarious/creepy/wonderful technique also helps fill in the patchy plot holes that tend to appear, whilst also furthering Chuck's persona as a ninja master. Very clever. Chuck's moustache, which we all remember and love from A Force Of One is back, alongside some cringe-worthy dialogue, which adds to the camp charm of The Octagon.

Despite this, The Octagon is a thoroughly watchable film, never becoming tiresome or dull. There may be some questionable elements in Leigh Chapman's script (see above), but it's a strong, original concept which hits a perfect balance between espionage-infused thrills and bare-bones martial arts. Eric Karson's feature does not particularly depend on special effects, but rather on the martial arts skill and precision of leading man, Norris. Like A Force Of One, Chuck's young brother, Aaron choreographs these brutal fight sequences with a sense of precision and realism. Norris once again proves to be a highly capable leading actor, excelling in the combat-heavy sequences as well more emotionally based material. Whether he is kicking hissing ninjas in the face or mourning the loss of his best friend, Chuck is a pro. Although, I'm not sure whether even Chuck could convincingly handle the voicing over of his "inner-thoughts".

Chapman's script features some entertaining, well-produced action set-pieces from Chuck taking down an entire ninja camp whilst it is in flames to the epic sword fights in The Octagon's conclusion. A particular favourite scene of mine involved a poisoned Chuck kicking a ninja into a wall of fire. In addition to these action packed spectaculars, The Octagon features well-cast supporting turns from Lee Van Cleef, Art Hindle and Karen Carlson.

Whilst it may appear slightly dated and it does feature some questionable plot devices, The Octagon is a thoroughly entertaining watch. It has been remastered to visual perfection - which exemplifies the well-crafted action sequences and impressive martial arts. Chuck proves that he is the master of the cult action film in this original and likeable combat-thriller.

Andrew McArthur

Stars: Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef ,Karen Carlson
Director: Eric Karson
Release: 6th August (UK)
Certificate: 15 (UK)

30 July 2012

Win The Night Porter On Blu-Ray

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One of the most shocking and controversial movies ever made, The Night Porter (Anchor Bay) is a courageous and uncompromising piece of filmmaking that has come to be regarded as a classic of European cinema. This scintillatingly sexy story of forbidden love and the aphrodisiacal effects of decadence and cruelty comes to Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.

Available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray on 30th July.  

Vienna, 1957. Max (Dirk Bogarde), a former Nazi concentration camp officer, is now employed as a respectable night porter at one of the city's most luxurious hotels. Still anguished by the guilt of his actions during the war, he attempts to relieve his conscience by devoting himself to his work while awaiting the upcoming trial of himself and his fellow Nazi officers. But one fateful evening Max's disturbing past catches up with him in the form of the beautiful and alluring Lucia (Charlotte Rampling). Now the wife of a respected American classical composer, almost 15 years earlier Lucia was a teenage concentration camp inmate and Max's lover in an aberrant sado-masochistic relationship. Bound by their memories and uncontrollably drawn to each other, Max and Lucia rekindle their bizarre love affair. But their future together becomes threatened by other ghosts from the past…

To celebrate today's release of The Night Porter on Blu-Ray courtesy of Anchor Bay we have 3 copies of the film to give away, to enter  we're not going to ask you a question just follow us at Twitter  and like us at Facebook (if you haven't done it already), Send us a quick email with your name, address with your twitter name and facebook name. E-mail them to,deadline For The Competition is August 19th, 2012 (2359hrs).

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24 July 2012

Home Alone Goes Gritty In The Aggression Scale

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Described Home Alone meets First Blood as two teen siblings take on a group of vicious hitmen in this tense and brutal home invasion thriller from up-and-coming genre director Steven C. Miller. On September 3rd, The Aggression Scale will be coming to DVD& Blu-Ray , thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Released from prison on bail for 48 hours after being charged with murder, ruthless crime boss Reg Bellavance is planning on avoiding a life behind bars by skipping the country with his young son. But first he needs to lay his hands on the illegally gained stash of cash he had put aside to fund his departure. Bellavance places the task of finding the money in the hands of hitman Lloyd and his accomplices, instructing them to hunt down and kill anybody who could possibly have been involved in the money’s disappearance. Their bloody trail of murder and destruction eventually leads to the new home of Bill and Maggie Rutledge and their kids, Lauren and Owen. On paper, this particular hit should be the easiest and most rewarding of the lot. What Lloyd and his goons don’t know – but are soon to find out – is emotionally disturbed Owen has a secret history of violent behaviour that makes their exploits look like child’s play in comparison.

If, you ever wondered what  “Home Alone” would have been like if it had been a gritty, violent thriller instead of a cutesy, slapstick comedy then The Aggression Scale might just the film for you. There’s still plenty of black humour here, but the tension, action and bloodletting is seriously hardcore, thanks in no small part to the presence of one of cinema’s most original anti-heroes in the form of young Owen Rutledge. And, just when you think the movie is over, director Steven C. Miller delivers a fantastic head-rush of a final scene that will have genre fans begging for more.

The Aggression Scale stars  the film stars Ryan Hartwig (Parks And Recreation; Cold Case), Fabianne Therese (John Dies At The End) and Derek Mears (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Ray Wise (Mad Men;  Reaper) and Dana Ashbrook (Crash; The Kill Point).

Pre-Order/Buy:The Aggression Scale On DVD/ On Blu-ray

14 July 2012

"Fight Or Die" First Official Trailer For The Day

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After 2 years travelling the festival circuit its 'fight or die' with the first official trailer for The Day. Douglas Aarniokoski’s post-apocalyptic finally found a home (well at least in USA) and a official release date thanks to WWE Studios (yes that Vince McMahon Wrestling company) and Anchor Bay Films but we can't complain this film deserves a release and in a time of economic strains you can't complain.

The film does have a few familiar faces  with Ashley Bell (Last Exorcism) leading the light along with Dominic Monaghan (Lord Of The Rings, Lost), indie horror favourite Shawn Ashmore (Frozen, X-Men), Shannyn Sossamon(one missed call) and Corey Hadict (Gran Torino). The story is simple  5 survivors trying to survive post apocalyptic earth armed with guns& knives they roam the land tired, hungry sleeping in old barns. The group decide to investigate an old house for food or anything of use unaware they have just triggered an alarm to signal for the home owners return and now the 5 must prepare for a battle for survival.

You ave to go away back to December 2010 when we brought the film's promo teaser trailer which teased us  but not revealing much, the new trailer does however give you a little more of a idea of the story. As I said the story is simple as it doesn't delve into why the world is like what is in the film, nor does it delve into background of the characters stories, it's all about survival. If you were fortunate to be in Glasgow late February you would have enjoyed the film's only UK screening at Film4 Frightfest @ Glasgow Film festival. Over the weekend it was one of the top 3 favourite films of the frighfesters along with China Brothers Crawl and The Raid,the film is gritty plenty of tension, gore  and a superb ending PA fans will appreciate.

Once we get word of the UK release I will write my review but American PA fans forget about the WWE Studio side of things The Day is a superb indie film you should check out when it's released August 29th.

THE DAY (2012) - Official Trailer - HD Published via

A group of five survivors, armed with shotguns, axes and machetes, wander the back roads of a ravaged landscape looking for refuge in The Day, a terrifying look into a post-apocalyptic future. As war ravages humanity, destroying civilization and most of life on earth, the survivors realize they must do whatever it takes to stay alive. Lost, starving, and exhausted, they seek shelter in a seemingly safe abandoned farmhouse. However, while searching for food and resources, they unwittingly set off a trap signaling to their ruthless predators lying in wait to begin their deadly attack. With food and ammunition dwindling, the group must make a desperate final stand–over a 24 hour period–battling for their ultimate survival.