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3 November 2010

Check Out The Trailer For Sci-Fi Flick COCKPIT

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source QuietEarth
"Listen to Me earthlings I am your master I control you, I will destroy you!!!" You might be saying what the frig is he going on about has he lost it?!! Answer is no!COCKPIT is from  film festival circuit winner Jesse Griffiths and is based on the short movie currently working its way around Festival circuit Cockpit:The Rule Of Engagement and there's hope this will become a feature lengther.
My first impressions it looks like CGC fested live action computer game, just feel the fx have that jekyll and Hyde feel: sometimes fantastic other times really cheesy, but it does have its potential, check the trailer out after the break....

Watch Animated Sci-fi Short ELEVEN

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source Twitch
Everyone in there time has had to call some customer service call centre to buy, report or even complain about a product or service and all you want to do is get your point across so you can get some satisfaction but all you get is an automated system that ask you to press thousands of button s before you speak to some one human?! Yes we'v all been there but spare a thought for this guy in the the sci-fi animated short ELEVEN, as he calls for help behind enemylines  and all the automated system does get him into trouble with killer robot getting closer to the helpless man!
The short is only 3 minutes long short but really funny and created by  Anzovin Studio

The animated short and synopsis after the break....

13 October 2010


No comments: Links to this post have just sent me a two part short interesting video documentary on French Argentinan born film maker Gaper Noe. Vice went to Tokyo to try and find the notoriously secretive director while he was filming 'Enter the Void'. The resulting film sees how Gaspar was shooting a film in the sex clubs of Tokyo using the Japanese Yakuza mafia as his “locations managers”, hanging out with him in and asking him about his project.

This film is an incredible insight into Gaspar and the location in which Enter the Void was filmed and the entertaining nature of the films should definitely keep your readers' attention. Its a 3 parter and after the break is parts one and two last around 16 minutes long....

30 September 2010


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Since the start of my two movie blogs Ive discovered a rich tapestry of fantastic independent , world cinematic movies, discovering there is life outside mainstream cinema and personally at times I prefer it to the big boys. One Film festival which kicked off tonight in London is the Raindance Fillmfest and what I love about this festival is they showcase the great indie movies in and around the UK as well as the world, the give new talent a platform to showcase themselves and they do also give the ordinary person from the street a chance to enjoy some alternative movies too.
One movie which will have its world premiere will be THE LAKE EFFECT, a new movie Coming off its win at the Moondance Film Festival in Colorado, The Lake Effect has a stellar cast including Kay Panabaker (Fame), Ross Partridge (Baghead) and UK-native Tara Summers (Factory Girl). Part of the new crop of DIY filmmakers, director Tara Miele was eight months pregnant while shooting The Lake Effect, a film about parenthood.
Below is the trailer for the movie which will kick off on October 5th and 6th at Apollo cinema London. Also below is some new images as well the movies offical press release too.A big thanks to Jennifer Westin one of the movies Producers who sent me the email containing the info in this post.

1 September 2010

tiff 2010:'Womantic' Comedy with the trailer for JUCY

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 source TWITCH
Billed as "a womantic comedy of platonic proportions" JUCY is one of the seven Australian movies to that have made the list for this years Toronto Fim Festival. Directed by Louise Alston is what you could call a womance which is how Johnathan Ross would say romance and is part two of a trilogy of movies  based on the directors quarter life crisi, mmmm?
Here's TIFF's offical synopsis, trailer after the break.....

31 August 2010

TIFF 2010: Trailer and Images For John Sayle’s AMIGO

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source ThePeoplesMovies
A New trailer & images for John Syales AMIGO have appeared online thanks to Ropes of Silcon(trailer) and TIFF (Images).
The movie is an fictionalised account of the Philippine-American War which took place at the turn of 19th-20th century and even then they where causing atrocities around the world (wonder if George Bush’s ancestors where involved?), the war lead to the slow process of Philippines gaining there Independence.
Apparently this movie has grown out of a book ‘Sometime in the sun’ which never got published which originally started as a screenplay and now we have a film which is set for some sort of release in 2011 but you can see it at next months Toronto Film Festival.
The movie stars Joel Torre, Garret Dillahunt , Chris Cooper, DJ Qualls, Rio Locsin , Ronnie Lazaro, Bembol Roco . Trailer, synopsis and images after the break...

29 August 2010


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 source Twitch
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen has a third trailer just before its release in Hong Kong/China on September 23rd along with its premiere at Toronto Film Festival.
Donnie Yen plays the  iconic culture hero Chen Zhen and if your a fan of Chinese martial arts films you know Yen's the man when it comes to these types of movies. Bodies hit the floor when this one man wrecking machine is on the prowl and everything he does utter cool, missing Bruce Lee check out Donnie Yen but Im sure you already be doing that anyway?
Check out the synopsis and third trailer with English subtitles after the break...

tiff 2010: No Sonic Screwdriver’s here,Offical Trailer For WOMB

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 source ThePeoplesmovies
The Playlist have posted online the trailer for the Benedek Fliegauf‘s indie drama WOMB. The movie stars Eva Green, the new Doctor Who Matt Smith , Lesley Manville, Peter Wright and Hannah Murray.
Rebecca (Green) has waited 12 long years to be with her childhood sweetheart again but only to loose him to an accident but now she can bring him back from the dead. The movie isn’t about a woman who can practice voodoo but the controversial look at cloning  and in this case human cloning and the ethical issues the cloning is raised.
The movie has a  mostly British cast with an Germany/Hungary/France produced movie which has been well put together highlighting the acting abilities of the movies main characters, I’m not Matt Smith’s biggest fan on the Doctor who side of things but outside the tardisI actually dont mind him as a actor. The movie does have a gentle charm to it but you do get the sense underneath the dark undertones of the movies subject matter.
Womb has just got itself a US distributor Olive Films so do expect somelimited release of the movie as for UK or Ireland no word yet but the next time the movie will be on a big screen will be next months Toronto Film Festival.
Trailer After The Break....

20 August 2010

Low Budget Killer in Norway's DARK SOULS

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source Twitch
Online, in magazines we get to see what mainstream movies have to offer or at least think they have to offer, one thing at my blog I like to cover trailers for movies from many continents & countires including Scandinavia. I do my best to try cover all levels of film making but I will say alot of low budget flicks dont seem to get alot of airtime and Scandinavians do have there fare share of low budget movies including this one DARK SOULS( Mørke sjeler).
Alot of low budget movies get made of all genres and they get dished out ten a penny majority just plain crap unwatchable but there's always the odd one that stands out worthy of mention and  Mathieu Peteul and César Ducasse's Dark Souls is one of them.
 The movie is doing the tour of the film festivals worldwide picking up a few awards on its tour and from the trailer below you can see the movie is very gritty and is not scared of throwning in a bit of brutality. Black and Decker should get this as a promo ad for their drills as there plenty on view but are the victims are they zombies? I dont think so a little bit like the critters from that dodgy 1980's flick with Patrik Stewart Lifeforce crossed with the affect from 28 Days Later, mmm? Trailer after the break...

19 August 2010

Luc Besson's The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, To Open This Years Cambridge International Film Festival

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The full Line-up for the 30th Cambridge international film festival has been announced today with Luc Besson’s Petrodactyl fantasy adventure The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec the opening movie, this is the movies UK premiere too. The closing movie will be Made In Dagenham created by Calender Girls director Nigel Cole Starring Sally Hawkins Bob Hoskins, Miranda Richardson, Rosamund Pike and Jaime Winstone. Other noteable films been shown at the festival include Rhys Ifans as infamous drug dealer Howard Marks in MR Nice, The Messenger starring Ben Foster, Woody Harelson and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, the third and final movie of the Steig Larsson Millenium Trigoly.

Over at my other blog The Peoples Movie I will post updates, trailers for this festival and you can go here (very shortly) and check the festival page. Read The Full offical press statement with more information after the break....