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25 December 2013

Lars Von Trier Wishes You A Merry Christmas With New Clip For Nymphomaniac

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We do hope your enjoyed festive pig out turkey dinner with all the trimmings with enough to feed a 100. Now that your chill-relaxing wearing that knitted jumper your aunt Mary has knitted for you, Lars Von Trier has a last minute gift for cinephiles with a new clip from Nymphomaniac.

Well are you ready to listen? As Charlotte Gainsbourg is about to tell you a few stories and us blokes are all well equipped with a 'truth detector' but what is she talking about? Well gents sit down, unbuckle storytime is is about to begin!.

What this clip is all about your guess will be as good as our's, it's entitled 'The Gun' the film's final chapter (8) and today The Danes along with the Norwegians will get the first look at Von Trier's sexual adventure. Here's a brief synopsis on the final chapter...

Sometimes things hide, because we're familiar with them. But if you change your point of view, they can suddenly take on a whole new meaning.Joe enters a shady business, and she quickly finds out that her life has taught her some valuable skills.

As in Nymphomaniac been released in UK&Ireland officially the film is been released in 2 parts officially on 7th March with part 2 a week later. However we're hearing conflicting stories that the release date is now 21st February,whatever date we'll keep you posted.

source: Nymphomaniac website

10 August 2013

Jealousy enthralls in a Steamy Clip For Brian DePalma's Passion

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This Monday, 12th August Brian DePalma's erotic thrillerPassion will arrive on DVD in UK&Ireland. To celebrate the film's UK home release we have  a steamy clip to share  which Rachel McAdams manipulates her females staff.

Passion is directed by Scarface, Untouchables  director and is based on  the final film of late French filmmaker, Alain Cornea's Crime D'Amour (Love Crimes). The film explores he destructive power of rivalry between a manipulative boss (Rachel McAdams) and her talented protégée (Noomi Rapace), where romantic and professional jealousy escalates from punishing public humiliation to cold blooded murder.

In this clip we see Christine (McAdams) complete a business deal, as the businessmen leave a emotionless Isabelle (Rapace) however jealousy hits Dani (Karoline Herfurth) when she walks in on the pair. It's been 17 years since we could say Brian DePalma had a directorial hit with Carlito's Way(1996), could Passion be that film? Possibly the early reviews have been mixed but from what what we've see from clips and trailers, there is signs of the old DePalma we all love in this film!

Check out the new clip...

Did you miss the UK trailer? Watch it here..

Passion will be released on DVD in UK&Ireland from 12th August, limited cinema release in USA from 30th August.
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28 June 2013

Who Would You Seduce For Chocolate? Watch First Clip From Lars Von Trier Nymphomaniac

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How many can you seduce? It’s the situation 2 young pretty girls find themselves in, but what will convince you to find out? Some chocolate candy sweets! Don’t despair if your a chocoholic as there’s easier ways to get your fix just watch the first clip from Lars Von Trier‘s Nymphomaniac.

Exclusively released by The Guardian newspaper the first clip from Von Trier’s sex odyssey sees this sees young Joe (Stacy Martin) and her friend B (Sophie Kennedy Clark) daring each other see which boys the can have sex with. The clip shows clearly Joe is the more eager to get the prize been she is whom the film is based around and this been a film from Von Trier it makes you wonder if the ‘Chocolate sweets’ do have another meaning? The clip fulfills the visual palette with trademark Von Trier weirdness, it’s also a little tame though there’s no glimpses of computerized schlongs or body doubles here more the sexual curiosity of young girls.

Split into 2 films spread over 8 chapters Nymphomaniac tells the tale of Joe a self diagnosed sex addict Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) who retells her life story after been saved by an charming older man (Stellan Skarsgard). Will it be sexually explicit as Shia LeBeouf raved about or simply a film insanely hyped?

Nymphomaniac doesn’t have a official UK release date just yet but expect late 2013 if not early 2014. The film also stars Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Jean-Marc Barr, and Udo Kier.

source:Guardian via The Peoples's Movies

20 May 2013

Cannes 2013: Watch 3 More Clips And Sizzle Reel For Only God Forgives

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You have to be living on Mars to know Nicholas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives to be one of 2013 eagerly awaited films and this Wednesday the film will finally make it's world premier at Cannes Film Festival. After Drive it's hoping the movie will justify the hype and deliver a film that's stylish,unscrupulous, intense violently brutal but could it scupper the film winning the Palme D'Or?

Tonight 3 new clips have arrived online delivering more new footage in the stylings of the previous trailers, clips but also show more promise that the film will live up to it's hype. First 2 clips Kristin Scott Thomas is the star of the show a certain to be in the running for Awards when the season arrives again. The first clip shows the public side of her anger with the second clip her rage demanding her son julien (Ryan Gosling) be a man and avenge his brother's death with Julien in the final short clip 'let's fight' Chang  the killer of his brother.

Over at The Playlist a sizzle reel apparently shown by Weinstein Company previewing the film. The Reel shows more new footage delivering a sense of family dynamic as Crystal (Scott Thomas) firing a a verbal assault on Julien's girlfriend, showing whose boss in their family.

Only God Forgives will make its world premier at Cannes Wednesday 22nd May with the UK release date 2nd August.

Clips (NSFW):

Sizzle Reel:

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo

source: Ropesofsilicon

29 April 2013

Give People What They Want In New Only God Forgives Clips

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Here comes the pain in the shape of Ryan Gosling in 3 new clips for Cannes bound Only God Forgives. The new clips continue the momentum of what we've seen before, that Nicholas Winding Refn's new film will emulate Drive, likely to outdo it. Neon clad striking visuals, hyper violent, intense to the core Only God Forgive looks like it'll provide us with that substance with the expected Solid Gosling performance thing look extra spicy with Kristin Scott Thomas performance who looks like she'll the scene a few time. In these clips we do see her shine in her moment, acid tongued, intimidating, menacing urging her boy (Gosling) to seek revenge of his dead brother.

Only God Forgives has no confirmed UK release date just yet but in a few weeks at Cannes Film Festival (22nd May) things may change. USA  release date is 19th July 2013.

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo


13 March 2013

Watch New Clip & Featurette For Terrence Fisher Dracula Re- Release

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Your not a true horror fan if you don't Terence Fisher's 1958 classic DRACULA, fully restored in High Definition and available on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time. This Monday 18th March 2013 British & Irish horror fans will get their hands on the release which  will contain two versions of the feature (seamlessly branched on the Blu-ray).

Thanks to the  2007 BFI restoration plus the 2012 Hammer restoration, fans will get a chance to see for the first time additional new footage that has been unavailable for decades.The additional footage comprises two of the scenes that were originally censored by the BBFC in 1958 that have now been restored to the film from the “Japanese reels”:

• Dracula’s seduction of Mina

• Dracula’s sunlight disintegration

These will be the most complete versions ever released and taken together fully deserving of the description DEFINITIVE.

DRACULA has been unavailable on any UK home entertainment format for many years. This release will be at the correct aspect ratio of 1.66:1 which has never been available for home viewing.

Available 18th March in the UK on 3-disc Double Play, the pack comprises 1 x Blu-ray and 2 x DVD, the release also includes brand new featurettes, a new commentary track, multiple bonus extras and a stills show (see below for full list of extras).

DRACULA is the first in the series of Hammer films inspired by the Bram Stoker novel Dracula. It was directed by Terence Fisher, and stars Peter Cushing, Michael Gough, Carol Marsh, Melissa Stribling and Christopher Lee.
Dr. Van Helsing, investigating the death of his friend Jonathan Harker, concludes that Harker was the victim of a vampire. When Harker's fiancée, Lucy, becomes affected by the terrifying force and hypnotic power of Count Dracula, Van Helsing releases her tortured soul by driving a stake through her heart. But Dracula seeks revenge, targeting Lucy's beautiful sister-in-law, Mina. Van Helsing, now aided by Mina’s husband Arthur, swears to exorcise this evil forever by confronting the vile and depraved Count himself.

Lionsgate are releasing this horror treasure on 18th March and they have sent us a short clip which shows Dracula's hand (Christopher Lee) dissolving in the sun. As a extra bonus we have a look at a 9 minute featurette called 'Censoring Dracula' which looks at the censorship one of horror's most iconic monsters had to go through especially Terrence Fisher's version which 55 years later is still rated 15!

Below the videos you can find details of the extras and the links you need in order to pre-order or buy Dracula!



Four Brand-New Featurettes

"Dracula Reborn". New 30 min. featurette about the film’s creation and history, featuring, among others: Jimmy Sangster, Kim Newman, Mark Gatiss, Jonathan Rigby and Janina Faye (Tania in the film).

"Resurrecting Dracula". New 20 min. featurette about the film’s restoration, from the BFI’s 2007 restoration through to the integration of “lost” footage, featuring interviews with key staff at the BFI, Molinare and Deluxe142. Also covers the February 2012 world premiere of Hammer’s interim restored version including “vox pop” interviews with fans after the event.

"The Demon Lover: Christopher Frayling on Dracula". New 30 min. featurette.

"Censoring Dracula". New 10 min. featurette on the original cuts to the film ordered by the British Board of Film Censors.

Commentary: New commentary by Hammer historian Marcus Hearn and author & critic Jonathan Rigby


  • All 4 surviving "Japanese reels" (6 - 9) unrestored (40 mins
  • The World Of Hammer episode: Dracula And The Undead
  • Janina Faye reading a chapter of Stoker’s novel at the VAULT festival
  • Stills Gallery of over 100 fully-restored and rare images
  • Booklet by Hammer archivist Robert J. E. Simpson (PDF)
  • Original shooting script (PDF)

Pre-order or Buy:Dracula (Blu-ray + DVD) [1958]

22 November 2012

Dingly Dells, National Trust & Pasta Sauce. Watch New Sightseers Clips

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Caravaning will never be the same when Ben Wheatley's dark comedy horror Sightseers is released in UK&Ireland next Friday 30th November. If you ever had the idea holidays in our fine lands was dull, boring thanks to our anti heros Chris and Tina (Chris Oram & Alice Lowe) you may now think twice in jumping a plane over to Benidorm or Torremolinos. Tonight our friends over at Studiocanal  have sent us over a brand new clip entitled 'Dingly Dell' which sees our protagonists roam the countryside for an ideal pitch for the caravan, Alice writes a postcard for her mother telling her about Chris and  the availability of her pasta sauce packets in Yorkshire! But as Chris finds an ideal spot to park he might have someone else determined to get that elusive caravan spot! Just below the new we have another new clip called 'National Trust' plus a quick tv spot that slipped under the radar last week.

Here at The People's Movies & Cinehouse The Kill List unfortunately didn't go down too well, more frustration than total resentment for the film.A couple weeks ago we had 2 reviewers (1 for each site, reviews online next week) and though both reviewers had different opinions on the film but the outcome is Sightseers looks the better film. What we do love is Chris' (Oram) 'their not human, their Daily Mail readers' which went down well, I'm really looking forward to seeing Sightseers as the cinema I volunteer at there is a few 'non-humans' there!

Sightseers will be released in UK&Ireland 30th November, 2013 USA.

Chris (Steve Oram) wants to show Tina (Alice Lowe) his world and he wants to do it his way – on a journey through the British Isles in his beloved Abbey Oxford Caravan. Tina’s led a sheltered life and there are things that Chris needs her to see – the Crich Tramway Museum, the Ribblehead Viaduct, the Keswick Pencil Museum and the rolling countryside that accompanies these wonders in his life.But it doesn’t take long for the dream to fade. Litterbugs, noisy teenagers and pre-booked caravan sites, not to mention Tina’s meddling mother, soon conspire to shatter Chris’s dreams and send him, and anyone who rubs him up the wrong way, over a very jagged edge…

tv spot

26 September 2012

Creepy Clips & Motion Poster For The Pact

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It may have been loved by the mainstream critics however The Pact has been a hit with the Horror critics, fans and this Monday 1st October the film will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray. To get you into that spooktastic feeling for the release we have a couple clips which hopefully give you a few shivers. First clip entitled 'Psychic Terror' shows psychic Stevie (Haley Hudson) under the influence of supernatural forces as she investigates the mysterious goings-on in Annie's (Caity Lotz) late mother's house. The second clip is called ' Hotel Terror' showcases one of The Pact's more grisly moments. It's not exactly NSFW but it's certainly creepy! It follows Annie  as she very sensibly decides to leave her haunted house and stay the night in a motel. But will the haunted house leave her quite so easily…?

The Pact also stars Casper Van Dien, Agnes Bruckner and Kathleen Rose Perkins . The Pact will be arriving in UK&Ireland on DVD, Blu-ray courtesy of eOne Entertainment on October 1st.
'who's that behind you?' add the scares to the film we have a new motion poster, check out below, all I'll say is I don't want to be at the bus stop when this one plays!