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10 July 2012

Filmbar70's Rare (and remastered!) screening of QUEENS OF EVIL

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Thursday 26th July, Roxy Bar & Screen
Filmbar70 present…
Queens of Evil (Cervi ’70)
£5 (£2.50 Roxy members) 
(advance tickets here)

Filmbar70 proudly presents a masterpiece of early ‘70s Italian genre cinema, the stylish, sexy and enchanting ‘Queens of Evil’. Worshipped by cult cinema aficionados but rarely seen, ‘Queens of Evil’ previously has suffered from poorly presented releases. Filmbar has set the matter straight to present the very best print available – remastered by our own fair hands.

Starring Ray Lovelock, the sexiest leading Italian man of the ‘70s, and a trio of very lovely ladies indeed, furnished with some dazzling set-design, unafraid to tackle the issues of the time and unabashedly romantic, ‘Queens of Evil’ is the quintessential Filmbar experience. And, of course, Mr Eldiabolik and his World of Psychotronic Soundtracks will be on hand to spin the very best of Italian psychedelia… 

David is a man in search of freedom. Roaming the countryside upon his trusty motorbike, in flight from the hypocrisies of this venal age, he has found peace in solitude, a peace to be torn asunder when a bizarre roadside encounter ends with lethal consequences. Taking refuge in the barn of a remote lakeside cottage, he is discovered by the owners the following dawn. But this is no rude awakening, for the denizens of this secluded haven just happen to be three unfeasibly glamorous women. Entranced, mystified and enchanted, David foregoes his quest to enjoy the raptures and rural idyll of these solitary women, falling first for their uncomplicated, care-free way of life, then falling headlong into their arms. But this garden of Eden may prove to be other than it pertains to be, for these women seek nocturnal communion with a shadowy figure and gather for strange, fire lit ceremonials, leading David to question the secret behind these bewitching temptresses. The answer will test David’s integrity, ideals and even his very existence…

Doors open 7:30pm
Programme begins 8pm   


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