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14 August 2010

Trailer for Ah Gan's DON QUIXOTE - 3D

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source Filmsmash
With on off fiasco with Terry Gilliam's proposed version of Don Quixote it's seems filmmaker Ah Gan has got there before him. This isnt a full on adaptation but a fantasy adaption of the classic Spanish book but based on the legendary Chang'an dynasty warrior.
I am really interested in seeing this but only in 2D NOT 3d (if you follow my Peoples Movies blog Im not a fan of 3D movies) The movie stars Gao Tuo, Karena Lam, Liu Ye and Wang Gang with no offical release date yet confirmed yet.
Trailer after the break...

30 July 2010

A Second Detective Dee Traileris now online

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source Filmsmash
A Second Trailer for Tsu Hark's D-PROJECT / Di Renjie (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame)has appeared online.
The movie stars Andy Lau, Carina Lau, Tony Leung Ka-fai and Zhou Xun with Sammo Hung coregraphing the action scenes. The movie is due a September 29th release in China but will have its world premiere in Italy for this years Venice Film Festival.

Here's the link to the First Trailer, new trailer and Synopsis after the break...

21 July 2010

2nd Teaser Trailer For Ryuichi Hiroki‘s RAIOU

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source NipponCinema
A second Teaser trailer for a Romeo & Juliet inspired
( novel by Mari Ueza) movie called RAIOU has been posted at the movies website via the goodfolks at Nippon Cinema. The movie has been  Ryuichi Hiroki and stars Masaki Okada as a young man born into a shogunate a family with a high social standing with Yû Aoi playing a girl who was kidnapped whilst a youngster brought up in the mountains but she is of a different social standing but both fall in love but their families will go to break up there love.

The movie is to be released in Japan by Toho on October 22nd, trailer after the break....

11 July 2010

Trailer For Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame Trailer

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source Filmsmash

When I first spotted this trailer before I even looked at the link or what the movie was about it sounded like it was a scooby doo type movie and how wrong I was. The movies title ( Di Renjie - original name)  Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame is enough to attract any one to find out more!.
D-project (its short name) stars Andy Lau (Future X-Cops, The Warlords) and Bingbing Li (the forbidden Kindom) in a Action crime thriller  as well been set not in modern day but 690AD. As if said many times on this blog the Chinese/Hong Kong know how to create period movies is spectacular fashion and this one is big!
This time last year I was in Guangzhou, China and everywhere you went as well on TV Andy Lau was everywhere on Pepsi & Shampoo billboards, tv ads he is big money ! He is actully remaking What Woman Want the Mel Gibson movie it seems to be a deal that some of the hollywood  movies to be remade into asian movies (theres a japanese version of Ghost coming too), well think about it Hollywood is always looking at the foreign movie market for new movies usually destroying them, so why cant it be reversed? dont blame them
synopsis& trailer after the break....

20 June 2010

Trailer For Chinese Period Comedy-drama The Dragon and Phoenix Inn

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Source FilmSmash
There's not anything I can say on this trailer but its for Chinese/ Hong Kong period comedy THE DRAGON & PHOENIX INN, which has Richie Ren and Barbie Hsu both big names in the chinese cinema. It does look like it has plenty of kong-fu action scenes, plenty of laughs and it does last nearly 5 minutes which isnt unusal for a chinese movie.
anyway no graphics so the trailer is there instead.