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20 December 2010

Watch HITLER KAPUT, A Russian Comedy which has Jean Claude Van Damme in it (apparently!)

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source TWITCH
In the traditional words of Monty Python..."Now For Something Completely Different!" Well it is if your the mussels From Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme. If you thought JVD's career had already slipped down into shitcreek wellits becomeing a real silly laughing matter now as he's been casted into Russian slapstick comedy(in 3d) Ржевский против Наполеона (HILTER KAPUT)!
Formerly called Napoleon Kaput Van Damme is to play a French Soldier under Napoleon's command but there isnt a still or a clip yet to prove he's actually in it apart from a clip from MTV Russia (sorry english subs) annoucing he will be in it.
Either Jean Claude Van Damme has plenty money to waste or hes in a dire desperation needing the cash this is total rank and any hope of reconciling his career will go out the window even if he does appear in Expendables 2. There's more chance of Mel Gibson winning forgiveness than JVD making a decent movie ever again after this!!!

Trailer and MTV Russian clip after the break....