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19 December 2012

Watch The Official UK Trailer For Zaytoun Starring Stephen Dorff

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This boxing day one of the surprise hits of this year's London Film Festival Zaytoun will be released in UK&Ireland cinematically and the film's official UK trailer has arrived online.

Starring Stephen Dorff who plays a Israeli fighter pilot Yoni who finds himself a captive to a young Palestinian refugee boy in war torn Lebanon. Yoni forms a tentative bond with the boy Fahed (Abdallah El Akal) as the pair attempt to make their way home.

With the film set in Beirut 1982 there is an extra surge of tension with it been set 30 years ago despite the fact things in the Middle East sadly haven't changed much though you could say with the recent struggles things are a lot worse. The question is,the subject of a balance between entertainment and possibly your knowledge of the war or even what view you have on what's going on in that part of the world. I haven't seen the film so a lot of  what i'm reading up on the film is from previous articles, reviews and things like compassion between 2 people from areas that have grown up hating each other can bond together in order to survive. There is a big Waltz With Bashir feel to this film and it's a film which should spark some rather intriguing debate on how you see the whole Israeli / Middle East fiasco. It will  also be interesting to see as the film's director Eran Riklis an ex-Israeli military how balance or even imbalanced Zaytoun might be.On an acting front this film sounds like another piece of evidence proving Stephen Dorff does possess some good acting chops but why doesn't he make more of these movies and get the credit he deserves?

Zaytoun will be released by Artificial Eye films on 26 December and also stars Alice Taglioni, Ashraf Barhom.

29 October 2012

Brake DVD Review

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You can really appreciate a quality ironically by the number spin-offs or in this films case clones or films with similar scenarios. Rodrigo Cortes 2010 film Buried starring Ryan Reynolds is a highly underrated film which oddly enough hasn't seen any 'clone' films, just a few similar scenario films until now, Brake starring Stephen Dorff. So is Brake another Buried or simply a test of character for an actor for an actor who for many years puzzled us all why he hasn't excelled in bigger parts or is the film a test of how much claustrophobic you maybe?

What Appears to be an random kidnapping into something more sinister when Secret Service Agent Jeremy Reins (Dorff) discovers he's being used as a pawn in a terrorist plot. Watching the clock tick down to an unknown catastrophe. Jeremy is forced by his captors to listen to the outside world on the brink of collapse, knowing the the only way to save the people he loves is to divulge a secret that he has sworn to protect.

The first question you'll probably ask, is Brake a 'Buried clone'? The answer is yes but answer is also no. The basic set up is the same (enclosed captive who has no clue why he is there or who is responsible), but as the film progresses we gradually move away from Buried plot with the film going in it's own direction.The story is kept intense, engaging with a few twists thrown that make you think twice 'have I really sussed the plot?'. Things do work really well until the end things go pear shaped probably thanks to an eccentric flawed script which give the film the ridiculous 24 tv episode feel (though I am a fan of all things Jack Bauer).As the flaws happen right at the end of the film this could leave you in a forgiveable mood because of the timings or the total opposite frustrated and wondering why have I just wasted 80 minutes of my time watching this film! What's more confusing is at no time do we get a reason on why the film is called Brake?!

As for Stephen Dorff, in Brake he may not reach the same emotional levels Ryan Reynolds did in Buried however Dorff does deliver a really strong performance commanding the screen in a film that many other actor may have stumbled at. The film also proves he can hold a film on is own and he may have starred in a howlers as well as many one hit wonders like Sofia Copolla's Somewhere proves he does possess the acting chops to do bigger and better things.

Brake is an enjoyable tense thriller and if you can forgive the ending this film will be worthwhile your time which Buried and 24 fans will enjoy.

Paul Devine


UK DVD/BD Release Date: 29th October 2012
Directed by:Gabe Torres
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Chyler Leigh, Jr Bourne, Tom Berenger, Kali Rocha, Pruitt Taylor Vince
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24 June 2012

EIFF 2012: Brake Review

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Stephen Dorff stars in Gabe Torres' claustrophobic thriller, Brake, which proves to be far more than another Buried. Receiving its UK premiere at this years' Edinburgh International Film Festival, Brake provides some highly entertaining B-Movie thrills alongside another stellar performance from Dorff.

Secret Service agent, Jeremy Reins (Dorff) wakes up trapped in the boot (or trunk, for the non-Brits) of a car, with no recollection as to how he got there. Reins is forced to endure a series of physical and mental tortures as terrorists attempt to extract the location of Roulette, the President's secret bunker.

Tim Mannion's screenplay may not be the most original piece of writing in recent years, with obvious parallels to Rodrigo Cortes' Buried being raised. However, Mannion does attempt to deviate from his predecessor with the inclusion of some well contained action. We're talking shootouts, flooding and bees (calm down Wicker Man '06 fans), all just some of the high-octane antics that you can expect from Brake. These thrills combined with Torres' tense, claustrophobic direction, make Brake, a enthralling, well contained action film. You have got to hand it to a team that can make eighty-five minutes of film set in one claustrophobic location, this engaging.

As the only actor on screen throughout the majority of Brake, Stephen Dorff truly excels in his performance, both physically and emotionally. The viewers' gaze rests firmly on the Somewhere star, feeling totally connected to the character of Jeremy - we are with him during this whole ordeal. Even when handling some atrocious dialogue or Jack Bauer style screams, Dorff's performance retains a sincerity and likeability whilst also managing to stay convincing as an action hero, surely no easy task when you are confined to a Perspex box.

As well as the clich├ęs to be found in Brake's dialogue, they can also be seen through several narrative features like Jeremy's remorseful phone call to his distant wife or through Tom Berenger's shady CIA big shot character. However, Brake does make up for this with some unexpected paranoia-infused twists lurking in its conclusion.

Brake is an enjoyably tense thriller, boasting a stellar performance from the inimitable Stephen Dorff. Several high-octane thrills and an unexpected conclusion ensures that Torres' claustrophobic film is a completely worthwhile watch.

Andrew McArthur

Release: 29th June 2012 (EIFF)
Director: Gabe Torres Stars: Stephen DorffChyler Leigh ,Tom Berenger,

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