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21 January 2013

Horror Channel - From Page To Scream season

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Saturdays, Feb 2 – Feb 23, 10.55pm

Horror Channel celebrates the pen behind the poison with FROM PAGE TO SCREAM – a season of films with literary origins from some of the most talented authors in the genre: Clive Barker, Stephen King, Jack Ketchum and Tony Burgess.

Sat Feb 2 @ 22:55

First in the series is THE LOST (2006) – a dark horror thriller directed by Chris Sivertson. Originally a novel written by Jack Ketchum, it follows the 19 year-old womanising sociopath Ray Pye (played by Marc Senter). Pye is a charismatic murderer on the edge of sanity who meets his match when Katherine Wallace (played by Robin Sydney) strolls into town.

Sat Feb 9 @ 22.55

A season of book based horror would not be complete without an entry from master of the macabre Stephen King. His novella RIDING THE BULLET(2004) became a huge hit when it was launched as the first mass market electronic book in 2000. The film version stars David Arquette, Barbara Hershey and Jonathan Jackson as the deadly stranger.

Sat Feb 16 @ 22.55

Next in the season is PONTYPOOL (2008), a zombie film with a difference. Based on the book by Tony Burgess this is a chilling tale set in the small town of PontypoolOntario about a zombie infection spread by human speech. Directed by Bruce McDonald, this psychological horror thriller stars Stephen McHattie as a radio shock jock. 

Sat Feb 23 @ 22:55 -

The final film in the season is the premiere of DREAD (2009), from Clive Barker, the man who gave us the classic Hellraiser – and now more of his short stories and novels are making it to the big screen. The film stars Twilight vampire Jackson Rathbone but Dread is not for fans of fluffy vampire romance – it is psychologically brutal and will cut close to the bone for many viewers.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138