26 January 2011

Trailer For The Thai Epic movie KING NARESUAN Part 3

When it comes to epic historic dramas the Asian movie industry have this done perfectly, even if the movie overall may not be perfect you always know the movie will provide an exciting epic battle scene(s).Thailand may not create as many epic period movies say China or Japan but they occasionally provide a few and on of those is KING NARESUAN which is now onto its third movie.
The thai people love this franchise about King Naresuan, Thai's chivalric king and warrior in Ayudhya era who fought against the invasion of Burmese troops that wanted to overpower Ayudhya Kingdom. Tony Jaa from Ong Bak fame was orginally meant to be in this however he had an outburst on the Ong Bak set which cost him his part but he has been replaced byDan Chupong (Born To Fight).
This is the first taster for what is meant to be the concluding part of the franchise which now seems it'll go into a fourth movie. The trailer is on a bit of a lengthy side at nearly 6 minutes long and the qaulity of the traileris not perfect, so do enjoy.


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