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18 December 2010

French Trailer For Pablo Larrain's POST MORTEM

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We all love our movies dont we? Off course we do I wouldnt have created this blog and you guys wouldnt be here reading this post so we love when filmmakers create a fantastic movie. So after they create that great movie  we antcipate there next movie and hope that they suceed or at equal that sucess and this is the case for Chilean director Pablo Larain. A few years back he brought us the highly sucessful Tony Manero, the serial killer who was inspired by John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever character, so the pressure has been on him but after been selected for this years Venice Film Festival with POST MORTEM.
The movie is set in the backdrop of the 1973 Chilean political uprisings and revolves around Victor a middle aged man who helps out at the local Mortary documenting the bodies that come through there doors. As this is the 1970's Chile it was one certain Facist dictator General Pinochet who overthrew the government in power, sadly his biggest ally was another facist dictator Margaret Thatcher!
We can say Larrain has suceeded himself with this movie, check out the French trailer after the break...

16 December 2010

Trailer For Benny Chan's SHAOLIN TEMPLE Starring Jackie Chane & Andy Lau

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Trailer for SHAOLIN TEMPLE or Shaolin the new movie from Benny Chan has been unleashed online. This is a mega all out period drama set martial arts blockbuster which has a mouth watering line up that includes Jackie Chan, the man with the tan Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Wu Jing,Fan Bingbing which will be released in Hong Kong on January 27th.So less talking more watching!

It is the early years of the republic and China has been plunged into chaos as feuding warlords battle to expand their power and their lands. Young army leader Hao Jie and his sworn brother Huo Lung find little resistance in their conquer of the township of Dengfeng, leaving thousands injured and dead in their wake.
The venerated Shaolin Temple throws open its doors to the wounded. Disciples Jing Neng, Jing Kong and Jing Hai venture out in the day to save the villagers and at night, become masked Robin Hoods to help the poor and weak.
When Hao Jie learns that temple disciples are helping his enemies, he challenges the temple’s kung fu. The abbot purposely loses the fight to Hao Jie and the latter becomes even more arrogant. But Hao is forced to repent when the shock betrayal of Huo Lung wipes out his whole family and he is forced to seek refuge at Shaolin. While recuperating at the temple, Hao has the chance to learn Shaolin’s powerful martial arts from the crazy monk Wu Dao and find inner peace.
However, his wife Xue Yan has difficulty coping with the loss of their daughter and decides to seek out Huo Lung for revenge. In the meantime, Jing Neng, Jing Kong and Jing Hai also have a confrontation with Huo. The encounters anger Huo Lung who brings his army to besiege Shaolin and the peace-loving monks are forced to take up arms to protect the refugees and their beloved temple…

2 December 2010

Trailer For BATHORY starring Anna Friel

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The trailer for BATHORY the movie starring Anna Friel as Countess Elizabeth Bathory also better known as Countess Dracula has been released online .
For over the centuries Bathory has been known as one of Humanity's 'butchers' of people, tortured, mamed, go down of list of barbaric acts your sure to find Bathory had performed them on innocent people they even said she bathed in there blood . Though alot of her background seems to be myth as no history book has been found with evidence, possibly she butchered them all or the story of her just been a urban legend.
To Many Americans Anna Friel she's emembered for Pushing Daises but in UK she'll be remembered as Beth Jordache in British tv's soap Brookside in tvland's first onscreen lesbian kiss!!!
Bathory is directed by Juraj Jakubisko and also stars Vincent Regan, Karel Roden , Antony Byrne and will in UK cinemas from Friday 3rd December, trailer after the break....

3 September 2010

1975 Summer Of Love, Drugs & with another Skarsgaard in BEHIND THE BLUE SKIES

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There's a few families outthere that a whole line of their family tree in the film industry with Bridges, Sheens, Baldwins and now we have The Skarsgaard family with Billy (Son of Stellan) in Himlen är oskyldigt blå behind the blue skies.
The movie is an nostalgic look at one of Sweden's Criminal scandals and Hannes Holm movie could be the next movie from Sweden to make the waves internationally.
Behind The Blue Skies will hit the Swedish cinemas from October 15th, trailer after the break...
Martin escapes his alcoholic father for the summer job of his life at the exclusive Royal Yacht Club in the idyllic archipelago of Stockholm in 1975. He meets true love for the first time and is being groomed by Gösta, a playboy in the centre of high society.  Martin is inevitably drawn into one of the greatest scandal of all times in Swedish crime history.