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30 July 2012

'The Victim' DVD Review

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Although Thai director Monthon Arayangkoon’s The Victim isn’t exactly a pitch perfect horror-thriller, it’s still a bit criminal that the film was made back in 2006 and is only now getting a release in the UK.  The Victim’s strength pulls mostly from the basic and striking nature of its premise: a young actress is haunted by the souls of the victims she portrays in police reconstructions, and after taking on the role of Meen she is slowly pulled into a mess of supernatural terror. A good mix of thriller, horror, plot twists, and a dollop of black comedy make this feature a lot more accomplished as a whole than your average bog-standard ghost story.
                Arayangkoon’s understanding of the composition of horrifying images is obvious throughout The Victim and even when the second half starts to wobble on plot twists, the visual impact is in no way lessened. Images of terror here are eerie and startling: faces summoned out of shadow, long tracking shots through deserted space, the muddling of past and present, imagined and real. All of these help to push the viewer down a rabbit hole with the fantastic Pitchanart Sakakorn who’s wrought twisted lead performance stands out as key to the success of the story.  On the other hand, some of the supporting cast can be less striking; fading into wooden monotony, but the success of the director’s control over the involving nature of fear squashes any problems here.

                Over-reliance on CGI in some make-up effects tarnishes an otherwise accomplished understanding of the subtleties required in striking fear into an audience. The director’s keen eye is most arresting when he constructs scares comprised solely of glimpses and shadows and it’s this that is most infuriating when compared with the TV-movie feel of the more blasé CG scare-tactics.

                Problems kick-in from the big twist that strives for the Shyamalan-effect but squanders itself somewhere around his later, less striking, work. From the first unveiling the film slowly threatens to pop its own bubble, the excellent mix of moods and that wonderful control of visually perfect haunting sequences is somewhat tarnished by a complicated and rushed last half hour that strives to do too much with too little and leaves the film unfulfilled.  Still, a good strong lead, consistent visual smarts, and more than enough well-devised scares help leapfrog any lulls in the plot and mark the feature out as impressive.

Scott Clark

Rating: 15
UK Release Date: 6 August 2012
Directed By: Monthon Arayangkoon
Cast: Pitchanart Sakakorn, Apasiri Nitibhon, Penpak Sirikul
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28 June 2012

Thai Horror THE VICTIM (Phii khon pen ) Coming TO UK On DVD

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MVM Entertainment are bringing some Thai horror to UK this August on DVD with THE VICTIM (Phii khon pen ). The horror-thriller hybrid that firmly established Thai filmmaker Monthon Arayangkoon (The House) as a director to watch finally comes to DVD in the UK, 6 years after its release.

When aspiring young actress, Ting, is approached by the Bangkok police department’s Lieutenant Teerasak Kedkaew and invited to play a variety of mugging, murder and rape victims in a series of “Crimewatch”-style re-enactments, she jumps at the chance. Her immediate success soon leads to further work with Lt. Te’s colleagues at other police stations around the city and, ultimately, to a role in a TV soap opera. But the role Ting really wants is that of Meen, a former Miss Thailand contestant-turned-actress and the victim in a high-profile murder case in which Meen’s husband, Jarun, stands accused. Shortly before the filming of the police re-enactments relating to the case begins, the female officer scheduled to play Meen dies unexpectedly from a severe heart attack, despite being young and apparently healthy. Reluctantly, Lt. Te offers the part to Ting, who immediately begins studying TV footage of the dead model-actress in order to get into character. As she gets deeper into the role, Ting experiences what she can only describe as a supernatural connection to Meen, and one that leads her to believe Jarun is not the murderer. Determined to solve the mystery, Meen begins her own investigation into the crime only to discover the worlds of reality, fantasy, the supernatural and the media colliding in the most unexpected and terrifying ways imaginable.

It’s regarded by some as one of the most original, inventive and intelligent horror movies we’ve seen in years – a film that constantly pulls the rug from under the audience and in which nothing is really as it seems. The cool imagery, creepy atmosphere, flashes of humour and several jump-out-of-your-seat moments all add up to the kind of work which a director like Brian De Palma would be proud. If you liked the similarly themed Thai hit “Shutter” and “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” you’ll love this. And make sure to stick around for the spooky closing credits to see what may or may not be some genuine ghosts.

The Victim is due out on DVD thanks to MVM Entertainment on August 6th, starring Pitchanart Sakakorn , Apasiri Nitibhon and Kiradej Ketakinta .

The Victim - Trailer -Thai horror Published via

8 November 2010

Space Leeches Galore in tRAILER fOR Thai Sci-Fi comedy COOL GEL ATTACKS

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Source ThaiFilm Journal
This just looks absolutely crazy but then looks brilliant but I think we can say whatever it is its going to be entertaining!
 In Cool Gel Attacks (กระดึ้บ,Kra Deub) is a Thai sci-fi comedy with lots of little blue space slugs nasty big teeth and one big eye, they just make life hell for two fueding neighbours. If they want to survive against these nasty little blue slugs they must stop there arguing and bond together and deafeat them.
Think star treks tribbles meets gremlins meets slugs and you'll get how nasty these little cgi infested dudes are.directed by comedian Jaturong Mokjok, who also stars, along with Jim Chanchuen. Kohtee Aramboy appears as a cop.

The movie is getting a december 2nd release in its native Thailand, trailer after the break...

3 November 2010

MINDFULNESS AND MURDER (Satit-suek-sop) Trailer

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When you think of Bhuddist monks, we automatically think of peace, tranqulity balance of body of soul but when a murder of an homeless man happens on the doorstep of a Bhuddist Monastery an investigation has to be taken not by the Police who dont care about the victim becuase of his status but the one monk sense of duty prevails.
Above is the trailer for Satit-suek-sop or MINDFULNESS  AND MURDER a Thai crime thriller which has a noir inspired storyline has Father Ananada (Vithaya Pansringarm ) taking the law into his own hands doing the investigation himself but he was an ex-cop and as he investigates further darker & deeper he unveils corruption within his own household, Tom Waller directs.

20 August 2010

Today's victim will killed by ....THE SATURDAY KILLER!!!

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Thailand is famous alot of things Great sunshine, great food, and ehh ladyboys but they are good at mashups of various genres and there's one director who is the master at it and thats Yuthlert Sippapak.
It was the name of this movie intrigued me SATURDAY KILLER and how Sippapak's doing back to back sequels (i:e Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,etc....) matching comedians with beautiful young starlets. Each movie had a slight variation and oddly the movies werent released in order of the days there killer was based on either?!
As i what the actual story is all about, your guess is good as mines, I wonder if this is a funnier version of Smokin' Aces?
Trailer For Saturday Killer  is after the break....

4 August 2010

Teaser Trailer For Thai Superhero flick RED EAGLE

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soource Twitch
Scuperhero movies are the popular things these days not just in Hollywood but worldwide and below we have a teaser for THE RED EAGLE.
The movie comes from Thailand and are based on a character played by Mitr Chaibancha in the 1960's movie version (he sadly died when one of the movies stunts went wrong) but now 50 years on Wisit Sasanatieng has resurectted the popular character for the 21st century.
 The new movie will have Ananda Everingham (Shutter) playing the new version and at one point it looked like tradegy had struck again when Everingham crashed in a motorbike accident but luckily he has pulled through and the movie will be able to be rleased in Thailand on October 13th.
Check out the trailer and synopsis after the break...


10 April 2010

ONG-BAK 3 Trailer Looking fantastic!

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source /Film
I'm not the biggest martial arts fan in the world I could probably could only name one or two of the big names within the movie genre but in the last few years since enhancing my knowledge of movie Tony Jaa.
The Ong Bak franchise has helped to get him worldwide recognition from fans all around the world and recently the trailer for the 3rd movie has debuted online, you can see it below. The movie has plenty of blood, sweat, over the top action just plain old madness and fun to watch if your a diehard martial arts fan or even if you want pure escapism from the outside world check this out!
Looking like the movie is scheduled for a May5th release in Thailand as for the rest of the world it might get some sort of coverage through certain cinemas if not on the small screen via DVD.

9 March 2010

Theatrical trailer for Thai Epic BANG RAJAN 2

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source TwitchFilm
Trying to get information for this was very hard, it was easier to get blood from a stone, anyway Below is the theatrical trailer for Thai epic historical movie Bang Bajan 2.
The first movie came out nearly 10 years ago in December 2000 and was about a true story about a Thai Village despite been out numbered sucessfully held off an foreign invasion, this is brutal, violent and movie 2 has the 'qaulities' of movie also had. If this movie was released  a few months later it may have got more international recognition as Ong Bak was released and gained international success well its now ten years on hopefully it will get the sucess an overseas fanbase it deserves.

4 February 2010

Trailer for Thai-Action Drama IN THE SHADOW OF THE NAGA

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source Twitchfilm
In Thailand they've caused a bit of an issue on ratings of films shown and made in there country especially alot of bad/negative comments. Like any new laws theres always loosers but there is also alot of winners and the trailer below NAK PROK (In The Shadow Of The Naga).
The movie is set in a Bhuddist Monastery which has been built over where alot of money or treasure was buired. In order to retrieve the loot 3 criminals must enter the monastery as monks. Thailand is an very passionate country about religion and Bhuddism especially and in this film there is scenes of violence against the monks as well as scenes of the criminals been ordained as monks and a few years ago this would have been a big no no and the movie would have been banned. You think about it anywhere where religion which is a big part of peoples lives or anything sensative which was protrayed violently would be cut big style or even banned.
The movie has been given a 20+ rating which is a bit of an weird rating but then again in some states in USA you have to be 21 to drink alcohol legally. I wonder if On Golden Pond was released would it get a 65+ rating???

here's the trailer in english subtitles:

1 February 2010

Tony Jaa's ONG BAK 3 teaser trailer

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sources We Are Movie Geeks

I'd be honest and say I've never seen a Tony Jaa movie, so what Ong Bak 1 & 2 (which was just out a few months ago!) is about I couldnt tell you. What I do know about Tony he is one the leading actors in Martial Arts movies, he mixes styles creating his own unique brand.
Dont expect much plot or even talking to that matter, but thats not in a nasty way about the movie. The techinical ability of this guy is unbelievable and his fighting skills do all the talking. Watching the trailer below is like watching a music video but once again its not a criticism, its just Tony Jaa. As for what the plot is I dont actually know but if youve seen movie two it is a continuation of how things ended, as ive been told.

Movie three is out in Thailand this April, enjoy the trailer....