25 April 2011

It's The End Of The World Teaser Trailer For OVERTURE

It seems Israeli film makers seem to be re vitalising there film industry become more commerical diving into 
genres/sub-genres a few years ago you wouldnt see them go near with a barge pole. Sci-fi, horror are 2 genres israeli filmmakers have been exploring alot recently and trying out these new genres is making israeli movies alot more attractive to international film audiences. Dan Sachar made a bit of aname for himself when his short film When Will It Be Silent when it received rave reviews on the international festival circuit and now sticking with the sci-fi theme his next movie OVERTURE which is currently in post production and he has released a short teaser trailer for the movie.
Set in a post Apocalyptic dying world were a man a lone survivior lost in the dying world struggles to connect the pieces from his scavenging as well as the repressed memories. Out of the blue a young woman appears in his desolete forrest who is intent that the man will face his past along with the fate fit to suit what he did in the past.
Impressive stuff here, I do love the Post Apocalyptic movies but movies that dont actually tell you how the world became what is in the movie, it just makes your mind think what happened rather than be spoonfed the world was detroyed by.... check out the trailer below:

OVERTURE Teaser from Dan Sachar on Vimeo.


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