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31 December 2010

Trailer For Israeli Slasher RABIES (Kalevet)

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source TWITCH
When its comes to Israel and the film industry we automatically connect them with social-political/war movies or even character driven drama but we never associate the country with slasher movies. The notion is changing with RABIES a new slasher movie from film directors Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales, the later been a former film critic (you wonder now hes making the movies will he understand the pressures of a modern flimmaker, plus was he highly critical of moviesif so does he have friends?). When I first noticed the movies title I was expecting something of a thriller where the virus errupts within a human population but not a slasher movie, i'm a little confused in where the movies title is to do with the movie, do they have a rabid animal on the loose or a rabid human? Check out trailer after the break....

14 December 2010

Is It The end of the world but there's time to eat? Watch Short movie EATEN

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This is reall obscure, very weird short movie called EATEN by Israeli filmmaker Elad Rath. Its a simple story, a man and a demon locked in a room, the demon is eatening alot of weird stuff like bugs whilst the man sits there looking like his sanity is slipping and having that breakdown. It seems that bombing is going on is it world war 3, the endo the world as we know it? Watch and enjoy but a warning if you watched the bushtrucker trials in "I'm a celebity, get me outta here" and watching celebs munch at a few cockroaches enjoy, if not I dont recommed munching at your dinner whilst watching!

29 June 2010

Vincent Gallo Joins The Taliban in ESSENTIAL KILLING

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source Vulture

Vincent Gallo seems to have a trail of controversay folling him, he does pick the movies which will get the highbrow gossip mongering, follow your heart I say. Well this one will have the middle class rightwing America choking on their frappechinos with Jerzy Skolimowski's ESSENTIAL KILLING.

This one think Rambo First Blood minus the macho testoserone and the mai character been a Talaban member!

The Essence of Killing follows the story of a Taliban member (Gallo) who lives in Afghanistan, kills three American soldiers and then is taken captive by the Americans. He is transferred to Europe for interrogation but manages to escape from his captors and becomes an escaped convict on a continent he does not know.