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18 January 2015

Did You Hear Voices Or The New Trailer For Enter The Dangerous Mind Trailer

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When it comes to horror flicks these day the psychological thriller-horrors are the ones that seem to deliver the everlasting memories.The Babadook is one certain film another is a film that arrived on the festival circuit in 2013 Enter The Dangerous Mind (then called Snap) has a new trailer check it out

EDM for short made its name at SXSW back in 2013 and those fortunate to see it then have stated it's left a impact on them , be it the nastiness of the film or the great use of the film's soundtrack as an extra level of tension. These are attributes tick the boxes for horror fans, it's not The Babadook but it does sound it uses some of the same checklist to deliver us all the scares.

Enter The Dangerous Mind tells the tale of a troubled musician/composer Jim (Jake Hoffman) whose past has been nothing but trouble and is struggling with his grip on reality. When he thinks he has a shot of happiness when he meets Wenday (Nikki Reed) those long buried memories decide to surface forcing him on a deep violent abyss when crushes become obsession.

No word on a UK release, if anything this could sneek onto a direct to DVD release later this year possibly next, but for U.S its 6th February limited theatrical release as well as a VOD release. The film also stars Scott Bakula, Thomas Dekker, Gina Rodriguez and Jason Priestly.

Enter the mind of Jim (Jake Hoffman) – a socially awkward EDM musician with a traumatic past, a tenuous grip on reality, and voices in his head. When he meets Wendy (Nikki Reed), he thinks he might finally have a shot at happiness. But as long-buried memories begin to stir, and his crush turns into obsession, Jim finds himself looking into a violent abyss… and he won’t be going alone. Pulsating with raw energy and an intense electronic soundtrack, Enter the Dangerous Mind is a pitch-black psychological thriller that doesn’t let off the gas for a second as it twists to its shocking conclusion.

source:Bloody Disgusting

14 October 2013

Behind The Candelabra DVD Review

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BD/DVD Release Date:
14th October 2013 (UK)
Steven Soderbergh
Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Akroyd, Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe,Debbie Reynolds
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For his last big screen outing, Steven Soderbergh delivers us something totally unexpected. A gloriously camp, hedonistic biopic of one of the world’s most famous performers, Liberace (Michael Douglas). The man who sued the Daily Mirror for libel and won. Columnist William Connor had called him

‘…the summit of sex - the pinnacle of masculine, feminine and neuter. Everything that he, she and it could ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love’. Well, quite.

Soderbergh charts the homosexuality, excesses and superficial splendour that punctuated Liberace’s life and loves. Based on the memoir of jilted lover Scott Thorson (here played by a spectacularly buff Matt Damon), Behind the Candelabra is actually an insightful tale into the love story between Thorson and Liberace. Thorson goes from being young, starstruck and seduced, to live in lover to yesterday’s news as he is eventually replaced by a younger model. Their journey is both touching and witty as it navigates the pitfalls of love in the shadow of stardom and the hunger for youth and beauty.

Though Damon is excellent as always it is Douglas who steals show, giving an unselfconscious performance that treads the line perfectly between camp, kitsch and charming. Evoking sympathy for his character is no mean feat and Douglas is clearly loving being back in front of the camera. There’s also a deliciously sleazy cameo from Rob Lowe as a lizard featured plastic surgeon who attempts to create Thorson in Liberace’s image.

It really is damning to the film industry that such a well written script with Soderbergh, Damon and Douglas attached could not attract the backing of a major studio and was left to HBO to pick up - denying it eligibility for the Academy Awards. Douglas though, did walk away with a much deserved Emmy.


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