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11 October 2009

Lars Von Trier going back to his roots in Science Fiction

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Its Actually Hard to believe Lars Von Trier started his career as a director in the science fiction genre. After many years of experiments about America and of course back in June the release of Antichrist (outon 23rd  in USA) he seems to be more famous for. So now it's looking likely he is heading back to his science fiction roots(started in 1984 with The Elements of Crime with a project called Planet Melancholia.
Peter Albaek Jensen Lars Von Triers partner at Zentropa Entertainment said "no more happy endings" and the movie will no gential cutting and more special effects. Dont expect your invading aliens for this flick but a plantery disaster threat but what actual direction/story has been confirmed.Its possible this movie will be start to film in 2010 and will be in English though no names for cast have been thought of yet.
I admit havent watched any of Lars Von Triers work yet and what I know of the director I have learned through magazines and wbesites & blogs. What the media says about the Danish director is exactly true it should be left to the individual if they believe it or not. What we can expect from Planet Melancholia is an ambitious movie and even if it ends up been the greatest movie ever created, Lars Von Trier will still have endless number of so called critics waiting to fire there opinions at him.