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22 December 2010

Trailer For Johnnie To's DONT GO BREAKING MY HEART

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source Filmsmash
When I think of Johnnie To I think of high octaine, thrillers, with plenty of bullets and guts flying around but To directing a romance movie? Oh Yes Yes Yes as the Churchill talking dog would say DONT GO BREAKING MY HEART is a romance starring  Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Yuanyuan Gao and below after the break is the movies first trailer and the movie will be out in China sometime in 2011.

Yen is a single girl from China working in an IT company in Hong Kong. Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of this sleepless city, she feels increasingly like a fish out of water. Just when she has almost succumbed to the inevitable prospect of being alone and lonely in this unfriendly place, her fate begins to turn in an unexpected way.
One day, she notices a handsome hunk in the office building across the street from hers trying to catch her attention with paper signs. She immediately picks up a scrap of paper and doodles back. A quirky romance ensues as she starts communicating with him by paper signs every day.

On the day when she finally has the chance to meet him in flesh and blood, however, she discovers to her consternation that this so-called romance has been an embarrassing mix-up on her part. The love notes this guy, Sean, has been writing are only meant for a sexy vixen working at the office above hers. He is oblivious to her existence, let alone their blossoming romance.

Just when Yen is ready to crawl back to her lonesome shell, her fate changes again. She is accosted by a beggar called Kevin in the park and is captivated by the sad expression on his face. They start talking and, before they know it, have become the best of friends. She learns that this starkly handsome beggar was an elite architect who ended up wandering the streets after losing his self. Yen starts helping him rebuild his confidence and get back on tracks.

Months pass. Sean finally gives up his life as a playboy and realizes Yen is the dream girl he would like to spend the rest of his life with. Meanwhile, the rebound Kevin is also planning to propose to Yen at the rooftop of his latest design that was inspired by his love for her.
Yen is no longer alone and lonely, but will she be able to find her true love?

18 December 2010

French Trailer For Pablo Larrain's POST MORTEM

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We all love our movies dont we? Off course we do I wouldnt have created this blog and you guys wouldnt be here reading this post so we love when filmmakers create a fantastic movie. So after they create that great movie  we antcipate there next movie and hope that they suceed or at equal that sucess and this is the case for Chilean director Pablo Larain. A few years back he brought us the highly sucessful Tony Manero, the serial killer who was inspired by John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever character, so the pressure has been on him but after been selected for this years Venice Film Festival with POST MORTEM.
The movie is set in the backdrop of the 1973 Chilean political uprisings and revolves around Victor a middle aged man who helps out at the local Mortary documenting the bodies that come through there doors. As this is the 1970's Chile it was one certain Facist dictator General Pinochet who overthrew the government in power, sadly his biggest ally was another facist dictator Margaret Thatcher!
We can say Larrain has suceeded himself with this movie, check out the French trailer after the break...