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22 November 2009

Police, Adjective Trailer

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I'll be honest, I would nt have considered looking at Romania for a movie. usually for a indie or foreign movie we have assumption of looking at France, Spain, Italy or Germany or maybe parts of asia,but the trailer for Police Adjective has been posted online.
The movie has been directed and written by Corneliu Porumboiu and is a comedy crime drama about a police officer undercover  who refuses to arrest a young man who sells drugs to his friends. When it comes to comedy, there is certain comedy styles that have a world appeal and others have a appeal that may appeal to a limited audience or countries and I would label this movie under this. It is a dry but quirky comedy which does look like it has alot of smart lines you have to listen for to appreciate the scene.
Even if you dont get the comedy it would be worthwhile to check this movie out  to the number of credits, awards and nominations the movie has picked up during 2009's festival season. 2 awards at Cannes (where it debuted) and a oscar nomination for best foreign movie.
I have no word of an British or Irish release date but on 23 rd december IFC Films will be releasing the movie in a limited cinema release and on VOD (Video on Demand) for USA/Canada.

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