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6 December 2010

Teaser Trailer For Douglas Aarniokoski’s Post Apoclapytic indie THE DAY

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source ThePeoplesMovies
Twitch have gotten there hands on the first teaser trailer for Douglas Aarniokoski’s Post Apoclapytic THE DAY. We dont know much aout the movie apart from its based around a group of young people whom survived a apocalyptic event and the cast the movie has ensembled is one of the things that caught my eye.
The movie stars Dominic Monaghan (The Lord Of The Rings, Lost), Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism), Shawn Ashmore (Frozen, The Ruins, X-Men), Shannyn Sossamon (One Missed Call, How To Make It In America) and Cory Hardrict (Battle: Los Angeles, Gran Torino) and the movie is due to be released in 2011. As for UK & Ireland I dont know how much of a release cinematically it’ll get depending on the distributor (if any) it’ll get but I can see the movie getting a limited release then staright to dvd, but its early days.
What I really like about the this trailer is that it does what a good teaser trailer should do telling you alot about the movie with spoiling the sory apart from giving you the basics making you want to see more. What I do also like is the post rock soundtrack which comes from explosionsinthesky and I get that dark gritty PA feel like we got with GodSpeed My Black Emperor! 28 Days Later soundtrack, the right choice for the movie genre.

trailer after the break....

26 November 2010

Walk The Solid Ground Again in Russian PA Short RED DOG

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RED DOG from Los de Lito Films on Vimeo.

source QuietEarth
Everyday I check for new exciting trailers and news to share with you guys, one thing i really like to dig out is shorts and on todays search I found this one RED DOG. The short movie is from Russia and is set in a post apocalyptic earth where people survive underwater (not as sub-mariner, though that might have cool though!). The film is set only a few years into the future and for years humans have adapted to life underwater until 2 men decided to go onland but its been so long would the barren land welcome the human race back?

7 November 2010

Watch The Post-Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western SNOWBLIND for Free!!!

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Dont say we're not good to you, but thanks to the powers of be here's your chance toWatch The Post-Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western SNOWBLIND for Free!!!
The indie made movie has a host of talent hopefuls from around the world (including UK & Ireland) hoping maybe one day they could take the next step up either in indie movies or even to mainstream. Mix the post apocalptic backdrop with crazy coboys on bikes throw in a good doze of old school grindhouse and what do you get? snowblind!!! The was created with the help of the online community along with private funding and yes it maybe shot entirely in front of a green screen it does look good and they do get 100% thumbs up from Cinehouse for effort and working on a very limited budget using what source they had to the maximum.

You can enjoy the movie in its full glory after the break or if you want to you can download it  here

15 February 2010

Trailer for British Indie post apoclayptic thriller THE LAST SEVEN

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source HeyUGuys
Above is the teaser trailer for British Indie thriller THE LAST SEVEN  which stars Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Daisy Head, Sebastian Street, Rita Ramnani, John Mawson, Ronan Vibert and Danny Dyer. .

The movie is set in London after an cataclysmic event leaves only seven people left in the world (just all happen to be in London!). No one has a clue what happened and as they try to come to terms of the event  they dont realise that there's something nasty tracking them!!

Right away you can see films like I Am Legend and 28 days later  have inspired this movie and the teaser does what it does does n't give you much away. The only quarrel I have with this, is there isnt any household names with Tamer Hassan and Danny "F*****g" Dyer not really crowd pullers, but it does look ok just  just wondering how good it'll do? Possibly would do better as a TV mini/ one off drama?

The movie is the directoral debut from Imran Naqvi and I dont have a release date but Ill think it'll be very soon in UK as its advertising as winter 2010 and will probably come out as a limited release.