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6 December 2013

Watch The Engrossing Short Film Grays

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If there's any reason why here at Cinehouse should be posting more short films Henry Hobson's Grays is that reason. Hobson may not be known by many but some will now his work as a designer designing title sequences for many popular TV shows and Films such as Rango, The Walking Dead and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. Hobson is actually a established short film director and below is his latest Grays.

The story is simple about a young man determined to find out why his father has died with a military official they go search for that information leads him to meeting something possibly not of this earth.

This is a fantastic film and one that needs to be expanded from its 5 minutes running time, nice ending but most of all it has the uber-cool Michael Ironside in it!

source: Geektyrant

12 November 2012

Watch The Awesome Looking Short The Killing Joke

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Never criticize a  Short film apart from been some really cool films that are at times superior to it's feature length cousin. Let's take Sebastian Lopez's The Killing Joke a perfect example of great short film about a woman who comes a across a red balloon attached to a small box  she opens leading to a sadistic clown hunting her down....

The Killing Joke is a 15 minute suspense/fiction short film about a mysterious woman that finds a red balloon tied up to a curious little box on an eery derelict street. Using classic elements of suspense and working within a seventies aesthetic, 'The Killing Joke' is an action packed film that pays homage to some of the horror movies from that era.

The piece was shot during four intense days of filming in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. The micro budget production was shot using just two 7d canon cameras. The composition and CGI effects for 'The Killing Joke' required months of 'invisible' digital retouching to create the panoramic, yet claustrophobic atmosphere that pervades throughout the movie.

The Film editor was Sabrina Mottino.

Sebastián López wrote and directed the story, and was also responsible for all the impressive post and composition work.

Colin Devlin created the Original Soundtrack, working from his home studio in LA he collaborated on the project with Sebastian from it's inception, creating a wonderful striking symmetry between sound and image.This is the second collaboration for Sebastian and Colin, the first being an action packed trailer created for a fictitious movie called 'Vertical' that went viral on the net, creating a serious buzz for the young director.

Actors Gustavo Marzo and Clarisa Staracci Worked together to portray the intense characters seen on screen.

The Killing Joke from sebastian lopez on Vimeo.