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1 August 2010

Trailer For Cannes selected SIMON WERNER A DISPARU (Lights Out)

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source Twitch
SIMON WERNER A DISPARU (lights Out) was a late inclusion for Cannes this year and despite been shown late night it did receive for good reviews. The movie is directed by Fabrice Gobert and its a stylish movie set in a High school with a excellent soundtrack coming from none other than indie rock icons Sonic Youth. The name of the movie may not be the catchiest titles in the world but as they say never judge a book by its cover and this movie is a good one, trailer and synopsis after the break....

11 July 2010

Noel Clarke in Sci-Fi Noir short REIGN OF DEATH

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source LiveForFilm

Having a search through the mysterious world called the world wide web to bring you some goodies for you to enjoy and came across this little cracker of a movie short starring "I'm in everything British made " Noel Clarke.
The short movie is called REIGN OF DEATH and was created by Matthew Savage it's a CGI short movie similar in style as 300, Sin City.When you watch the trailer it's like a fallback to the old film noir mixed up with fritz lang inspired sci-fi...pulp science fiction! It's a simple story of  a 1930s vision of the future and gumshoe chases down a robotic murder suspect, the movie came out last year but cinehouse wasn't around when this came out, so enjoy!

Trailer For Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame Trailer

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source Filmsmash

When I first spotted this trailer before I even looked at the link or what the movie was about it sounded like it was a scooby doo type movie and how wrong I was. The movies title ( Di Renjie - original name)  Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame is enough to attract any one to find out more!.
D-project (its short name) stars Andy Lau (Future X-Cops, The Warlords) and Bingbing Li (the forbidden Kindom) in a Action crime thriller  as well been set not in modern day but 690AD. As if said many times on this blog the Chinese/Hong Kong know how to create period movies is spectacular fashion and this one is big!
This time last year I was in Guangzhou, China and everywhere you went as well on TV Andy Lau was everywhere on Pepsi & Shampoo billboards, tv ads he is big money ! He is actully remaking What Woman Want the Mel Gibson movie it seems to be a deal that some of the hollywood  movies to be remade into asian movies (theres a japanese version of Ghost coming too), well think about it Hollywood is always looking at the foreign movie market for new movies usually destroying them, so why cant it be reversed? dont blame them
synopsis& trailer after the break....