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25 December 2013

Daddy's Coming Home Could Be Trouble For The Family In Trailer For Swedish Thriller Tommy

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The buzz the  past couple of years for Scandinavian crime noir/ movies has been exceptional, though the buzz may have quieten down a little there's still a sense of excitement when the next possible movie is released. The good folks at Twitch have gotten their hands on a trailer for possible candidate for next big Scandinavian film called Tommy and below is the film's next trailer.

The film comes from Swedish born director Tarik Saleh whose last film was the sci-fi dystopian animation Metropia however Tommy is completely different direction. Moa Gammell stars as Estelle a wife of a gangster whose on the run thanks to a job went wrong and just before Christmas their daughter get's a message, Daddy aka Tommy is coming home.

Swedish cinephiles can expect Tommy in cinemas March 2014.

19 June 2013

Watch The Intense UK Trailer For Daniel Espinola's Easy Money aka Snabba Cash

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There’s no such thing as ‘easy money’ in Stockholm’s dark underworld. There’s a price to pay for everything.It's been a long time coming but finally Daniel Espinola's Easy Money finally coming to UK, check out the film's official UK trailer.

Back in 2010 when the Swedish crime thriller was released in it's homeland Daniel Espinola was unknown but since then he has made his Hollywood debut with Safe House (Denzil Washington) and now it's time to see why Hollywood snapped the director up.

Easy Money (or Snabba Cash it's original name) tells the tale of a poor student living amongst the elite in Stockholm funding the wealthy lifestyle by selling cocaine. This 'Easy Money' becomes a gateway to the city's dark underworld of organised crime when he crosses paths with another dealer Jorge (Matias Padin Varela) who is on the run only to find himself also on the run been tracked by Mrado (Dragomir Mrsic).

The film has made a few appearances in UK film Festival most notably Glasgow Film Festival where it made it's UK debut along with Easy Money 2 (yes there's a sequel!) and more recently Nordic Noir in London Last Month. If your familiar with many of the Nordic TV Shows(original The Killing) you recognise Easy Money's lead if not you will soon as he's playing the new Robocop (released 2014), Joel Kinnaman. Easy money deliver the dark tension,violence and great storytelling so what better time to unleash the film on UK cinephiles. The film has been compared to a Swedish Goodfellas and how ironic Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas director) was a executive producer, enough said!

Easy Money arrives in UK&Irish cinema from Icon and Lionsgate UK on 19th July.


JW (Joel Kinnaman) is a poor student living a double life among the wealthy elite in Stockholm. Using increasingly illicit means to fund his exclusive lifestyle, he hits on a chance to score ‘easy money’ through selling cocaine. As JW enters the dark world of organised crime, his fate entwines with that of Jorge (Matias Padin Varela), a drug dealer on the run, and Mrado (Dragomir Mrsic), a mob hitman tasked with tracking Jorge down.

9 December 2012

Win The Hunters (Jägarna) On DVD

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The distributors of The Killing and The Bridge, Arrow Films, announce the release of THE HUNTERS, the prequel to Director Kjell Sundvall’s False Trail, on DVD for the first time in the UK, out to buy on 10th December, 2012.

From Director Kjell Sundvall, with the star of the original Swedish Wallander, Rolf Lassgård, THE HUNTERS (previously released in Sweden, under its original title Jägarna) is the 1996 prequel to the newly released False Trail. Also starring Lennart Jähkel (Wallander, As It Is In Heaven) and Jarmo Mäkinen.

After working for the Stockholm police for several years, Eric (LASSGÅRD) returns to his home village to live with his younger brother Leif and work in the local police department. At first welcomed home with open arms, Eric soon forges a path of estrangement and destruction when he single-handedly sets about solving an on-going case concerning the slaughter of local reindeer, a problem that the town cops have been plainly ignoring. When Eric learns that his brother is involved, events take a further turn for the worse and violence erupts in the village as the closed-community unites against Eric’s quest for truth and ultimately, justice.

FALSE TRAIL, (original title Jägarna 2), sequel to THE HUNTERS (Jägarna), stars Rolf Lassgård (WALLANDER) as Erik Bäckström, Peter Stormare (FARGO, THE BIG LEBOWSKI) as Torsten, Annika Nordin as Karin and Kim Tjernstrom as Peter. Directed by Kjell Sundvall (Jägarna), written by Björn Carlström and Stefan Thunberg and produced by Björn Carlström, Per Janérus and Peter Possne (The Hypnotist).

We have teamed up with Arrow Films to celebrate the release of the film on DVD we have 3 copies of the film to give away. Tobe in for a chance of winning one of those copies please answer the following question:

Q. Rolf Lassgard is the original TV Wallander, What Shakespearean Trained actor Plays Wallander in BBC Version?

A. Kevin Spacey
B. Kenneth Brannagh
C. Stellan Skarsgaard

Deadline Saturday 22nd December 2012 (2359hrs)
You must be 18 years or older to enter. Email the answer along with your name, address and postcode only. Your Email Subect is 'The Hunters'

In event of the above form not working please refer to Terms & Conditions on how to enter:

Terms & Conditions: 1.This prize is non transferable.No cash alternatives apply.UK & Irish entries only.2.The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse and Arrow Films. have the right to alter, delay or cancel this competition without any notice3.The competition is not opened to employees, family, friends of The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse,Arrow Films employees 4.This competition is promoted on behalf of Arrow Films 5. If this prize becomes unavailable we have the right to offer an alternative prize instead 6.To enter this competition you must send in your answer, name, address only, Deadline 22nd December , 2012 (2359hrs)7.Will only accept entries sent to the correct email (win [at] thepeoplesmovies [dot] com), any other entry via any other email will be void.8.If the above form fails please send the information required from the form email it to (label the hunters) If any info required from the form is not sent in the email your entry will be void 9.automated entries are not allowed and will be disqualified, which could result you been banned.10.The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse takes no responsibility for delayed, lost, stolen prizes 11.Prizes may take from days to a few months for delivery which is out of our control 12.The competition is opened to Aged 18 and over.13. Majority of the prizes on offer will come from representatives of the distributor, no The People’s Movies &Cinehouse, when we do have the prizes we will inform you.14. Unless Stated Please Do Not Include Telephone Numbers, we don’t need them and if you include your telephone number Cinehouse and The People’s Movies are not responsible for the security of the number15.The winning entries will be picked at random and contacted by email or announced via facebook, sometimes we are unable to confirm winners.16.This competition is bound by the rules of Scotland,England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland.17.By sending your entry for this competition you are confirming you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.

26 October 2012

Horror Channel brings winter chills

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Deep and crisp and bloody! Get ready to be frozen to the bone this November with Horror Channel’s Winter Chills Weekend – featuring some truly snow-filled spine tingling premieres.

Fri Nov 9 @ 22:55

The hills are alive – with undead Nazis as the season kicks off with the premiere of DEAD SNOW (2009), a beautifully nasty horror comedy directed by Tom Wirkola (Hansel &Gretel Witch Hunters). With a car full of ski equipment and enough beer to fuel their escape from everyday life, eight medical students head out on their vacation.  Isolated in the snowy hills the group begin to realise they came to the wrong resort, as deep in the hills lay an unthinkable evil. 

Sat Nov 10 @ 22.55

The season continues with BLOOD RUNS COLD (2011). Swedish director Sonny Laguna gives the slasher genre a welcome Scandinavian make-over. Record-producer Winona heads to her hometown on the outskirts of Stockholm for a break... Shortly after settling in, she invites a former boyfriend and a couple to the house. But there is an unknown presence stirring within the house, one that has been waiting for the right moment to strike.



Sun Nov 11 @ 22.55

Wrapping up the season is sci-fi horror thriller THE THAW (2009) Directed by Mark A Lewis, it stars Val Kilmer as Dr. Krupien the head of a team of ecology students, who are examining a melting ice cap in the Arctic.  When Krupien unearths a prehistoric specimen the likes of which has never been seen, he summons four of his brightest students to take part in the excavation. But the melting polar ice-cap has released a deadly pre-historic parasite…


21 November 2010

Musical Terrorism For Our Ears - Trailer For SOUND OF NOISE

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"The Hills Are Alive With Sound Music...dahhhhhh!!!" when you think of music in movies Julie Andrews in the sound of music is a movie that comes to mind, but what if that movie isnt a musical but its musical based? You might be saying "wtf!?"
So what if you mixed up the London west end musical of Stomp with terrorists and a heist movie and what do we get?.....SOUND OF NOISE
When your going to hold up a bank for ransom do what stomp do use whatever is around you as a musical instrument and given your hostages a little musical rendition to ease the pain of the robbery rob the bank but no uncores. These criminals turn the whole city there in into one big musical can you imagine if Jacques Mesrine  when he used to rob to banks next door to each other belting out a French musical classic?!
Sound of Noise has been getting its plaudits since its first screening at Cannes and his swept the awards in its genre when it done its journey around this years festival circuit. The movie is very different and gives a new fresh look at heist movies and when you watch it first you do get an impression its a musical viral but obiviously its not and if its winning the awards its a movie you may want to check out when it'll hopefully make a stop at arthouse/indie cinema near you.
Sound Of Noise is due to be released in Sweden on December 25th, check out the synopsis & trailer after the break...

10 November 2010

Trailer For Swedish Zombie Flick ZON261

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last Friday night saw the antcipated Frank Darrabont's The Walking Dead Zombie TV Show hit British television, its talk of the town within the media, its made zombies cool again (well according to the press, its always good in my books). So now I do expect a faster influx of copycat movies or tv shows just like any big movie that has such an impact on the viewing public and of course you'll get the good stuff, some okay stuff the rest just plain crap.

ZON261 is a Swedishpost- apoclayptic zombie thriller which does look like a mixture of 28 days later, The Horde and even Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead, what I get concerned about is the length of the trailers. For me a teaser trailer is anything upto to 1 minute and a actual full trailer is at least 90 seconds upwards usally 2 minutes long but when a trailer is 5 or 6 minutes long to me thats a spoiler, this trailer is nearly 6 minutes

see for yourself after the break....